Does This Easy Spoon Hack Keep Champagne from Falling Flat?

Will a simple spoon keep your champagne from falling flat in the fridge? There's only one way to find out!

Whether it’s a can of soda (or pop, depending where you’re from), some sparkling water, or a bottle of champagne, you’ll want to finish most carbonated drinks in one sitting. If left uncovered at room temp or even in the refrigerator, the beverage loses its fizz.

To preserve open bottles of bubbly, TikTok creators have been talking about a “spoon in your champagne bottle” hack that has us scratching our heads. Does this really work? I decided to put this kitchen hack to the test.

What is the champagne spoon trick?

It’s no secret that champagne is great for celebrations and brunch mimosas. However, it’s not the best a day or two later, even if you’ve refrigerated the bottle. According to the American Chemical Society, when carbonated drinks are opened, the carbon dioxide that makes the drink fizzy leaks out into the air, and the result is a bubble-less sip.

The only thing worse than a flat bottle of bubbly is champagne that’s flat and room temperature. So how is a metal spoon supposed to prevent nature from taking its course? It’s all about temperature. Allegedly, placing a metal spoon handle-down into an opened bottle of champagne preserves fizz by regulating temperature. It’s thought that, when placed in the fridge, the metal spoon absorbs warm air from the neck of the bottle. Note that cold air is denser than warm air, and by maintaining only chilled air, the spoon is thought to create a sort of natural barrier to the escaping carbon dioxide.

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Does a spoon keep champagne bubbly?

There’s only one way to find out! I went ahead and tested this hack at home. This is one of the simpler TikTok hacks I’ve tried—all I had to do was pop the bubbly, drop a metal spoon down the neck (handle-down), and leave the bottle in the fridge overnight. Oh, and I made sure to taste it before leaving it uncorked, just to make a better comparison the next day.


In the morning, I pulled out the spoon and poured myself a small sip. It tasted just like it did the day before, bubbles and all. In fact, I even poured more of it into a glass to check the fizz factor, and it was like the bottle had been freshly popped.


That’s a win in my book! And as long as we’re taking advice from TikTok, check out these other trends like this viral mac and cheese hack and this whisking hack.


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