Incredible! These Beautiful Designs Are Made From a Surprising Item in Your Kitchen

This kitchen craft will entertain kids for hours—and impress guests. Simply grab a veggie and get chopping!

CW-green-stamps-RD_Veg_13285RDA AUSTRALIA/GIDWhat You’ll Need

  • Your choice of vegetable (celery, carrots, okra, Brussels sprouts, and bell pepper all work well)
  • Ink pad
  • Plain wrapping paper and blank cards
  • Paper towels


1. Cut the vegetable crosswise to reveal the cross section. (We used the base of a bunch of celery.) Stand, cut side down, on paper towels to blot up excess moisture.

2. Press cut side of vegetable into ink pad to cover the surface. Make a few practice stamps on scrap paper to work out how much ink you’ll need and how much pressure to apply.

3. Lay a folded tea towel under the paper or card to be stamped. The layers of the towel soften the surface
so that the vegetable can press evenly into the paper. Stamp a repeat pattern all over the paper for gift wrap.

4. Stamp a single motif onto a blank card for a matching tag.

CW-green-stamps-AUVEG_vegetable_stamping_hero_04RDA AUSTRALIA/GID

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