Attention, Disney Fans: Disney Wedding Dresses Are Here!

Just when you thought your wedding couldn't possibly get any more magical, now you can buy a Disney-themed wedding dress and be a true princess on your big day.

If you call yourself a Disney connoisseur—and you think you know even these mind-blowing facts about Disneyland—hold onto your teacups and Minnie ears because 14 new Disney princess wedding dresses have officially hit the market, and we’re pretty sure they’ll all make you Belle of the ball (a little Beauty and the Beast humor to get your day going).

The dresses, manufactured by a Japanese company called Kuraudia Co., also have matching tuxedo counterparts so significant others don’t have to be left out of the over-the-top fanfare. This is even more exciting than all the live-action Disney remakes coming out.

The 14 dress designs are inspired by the beloved Disney characters Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora, and Cinderella. The tuxedo designs were created to match each of their Disney princess counterparts, and all are available without the help of a fairy godmother, because regular-world cash is all that you need to get your hands on one of these dreamy ensembles.

Kuraudia also has a line of Barbie-themed wedding dresses that have been a big hit in Asia, which is what led them to make the next natural childhood femme fantasy line—Disney. Wearing a Disney wedding dress has to be one of the luckiest wedding traditions, right?

According to Asahi, the Disney wedding dresses are officially licensed and will be available to the public through distribution at hotels, wedding halls, and dress shops starting this November, with expected pricing to start around $3,600 for dresses and around $900 for tuxedos.

It’s unclear whether they’ll be available directly to the American market, but Japanese shopping experts assure us that international shipping is a cinch if you’ve got a few weeks on your hands and a serious thirst for Disney wedding dresses that just won’t quit. The idea of the dresses possibly not making their way to American shores makes them even more rare and exciting, though, as you’ll definitely be the only Little Mermaid bride in your hometown if you have to order your dress from overseas.

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Bryce Gruber
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