Watch Out! This Popular Credit Card Company Announced a Data Breach

The e-mail really did not provide many specifics.


In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about your sensitive personal information getting into sordid hands on a daily basis. But lately, it seems to be that no matter where you go, whether it’s your favorite supermarket, your fast food joint, or your favorite financial services company (digression: that’s an odd thing to have a favorite of), there seems to be an opportunity to get scammed.

And after a recent e-mail from Discover, plenty of customers had reason to suspect another issue. As first reported by Fast Company, the credit card company sent out a very vague e-mail with the subject line: “Important: What you can do now about the recent data breach” to its customers. Within the e-mail itself, there was no info on the breach, only advice about what to do in the case of a breach.

On Twitter, much-needed clarification was issued: 

So, it wasn’t Discover itself that was hacked, but an unnamed credit bureau. Either Discover is way behind the curve on the now-two-weeks-old Equifax hack or there’s another credit bureau hack in the pipe. For the sake of safety, following their instructions for keeping your information out of the wrong hands is never a bad idea. Just be sure to be careful about this password verification feature—hackers may be able to take advantage of it and break into your account.

[Source: Fast Company ]