Digest Diet: Joe’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Joe had been struggling with his weight for years, but the Digest Diet’s fast weight-loss plan helped him lose a remarkable 26 pounds in 21 days, with renewed energy to keep up with his four daughters.

Joe Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Joe Rinaldi
His weight before Digest Diet: 394 pounds
His weight after: 368 pounds
Total lost: 26 pounds!
Inches lost: 7.5 total! 2 inches of belly fat!
Health gains: Less knee pain; Easier breathing when walking
up stairs
Also: “I feel in control of my eating.”

Even though he’s always been
active, Joe Rinaldi has been struggling
with his weight for some time. “I
have been on diets all my life. I have
counted points, done Nutrisystem, LA
Weight Loss . . . You name it, I tried it.”
They worked for a while, and then the
weight would return.

Over the past two years, the
weight began to seriously interfere
with his life. He struggled to ice skate
with his four children, one of their
favorite ways to have fun together.
“It’s hard to tie my skates and get my
equipment on. I’m in tons of pain. I
have to take breaks. I’d like to chase
them all down instead of sitting down.”

So he was highly motivated to try
again. “I don’t know what you can lose
in twenty-one days, but it will be a
good start,” he said before Day 1. Well,
he lost 26 pounds in three weeks! Not
just a good start, but a great one!
His wife and several coworkers did
the diet with him, and the group
support kept him on track. “Having
people checking in on me and pulling
for me has kept me one hundred percent
on it.” But at this point, Joe’s motivation
comes from within. “I honestly
love the diet. If you follow it, it really
works. I even set my parents up with
it.” Another key factor was discovering
that he could enjoy healthy food.
“After those first days of soups
and shakes, I was actually craving
good food.”

He admits that the first days on
the diet were challenging. “But
once I got over that hump, it was
smooth sailing. As we started
eating more, my cravings
went away. I never thought twenty
pistachios would hold me, but they
did.” He also made sure to add some
fun into each day by playing with his
daughters and doing puzzles.

After three short weeks, he finds it
easier to breathe when he’s walking
up steps, and his right knee feels less
pain. But that’s not all. “I have more
energy. I feel like I have control of my
eating. I even feel more confident at
work. My clothes fit better, and I’m
looking forward to taking the rest of
my weight off. I feel like I am out of the
rut I was in.”

At this pace, he’ll be skating rings
around his youngsters in no time.

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