Digest Diet: Annette’s Weight-Loss Success Story

People told Annette when she hit menopause, she would stop losing weight, so she teamed up with her daughter Dana to do the Digest Diet.

Annette Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Annette Procida
Her weight before Digest Diet: 165 pounds
Her weight after: 154 pounds
Total lost: 11 pounds!
Inches lost: Almost 6 total!
1.5 inches of belly fat!
Health gains: Lost 4.8 percent of total body fat
Also: Everyday activities feel easier

This busy working mom of three
had come to a full stop. After
losing 50 pounds, her weight loss had
come to a standstill. She needed a
jump start. “I’ve been on a successful
weight-loss journey for two years, but
I hit a brick wall.”

She believed that the plateau was
due to the hormonal changes going
on in her body. “My weight was up and
down, and I couldn’t break it. So many
people have told me that when you hit
menopause, you stop losing weight—I
won’t let that happen. I felt that this
diet came at the right time, to help me
put my body back in losing mode.”

Boy, did she do just that, losing 11
pounds in three weeks. According to
Annette, “I didn’t have a hard time. In
the beginning, I was a little freaked out
when I saw those shakes and soups.
I thought I would be starving. But to
tell you the truth, that was my favorite
part! It was filling; it was delicious;
it was easy.” (Her fave shake flavor:
apple, peanut butter, and cinnamon.)

One major factor in Annette’s
success: her 23-year-old daughter,
Dana, who did the Digest Diet with
her mother and lost 8 pounds in three
weeks. They had each other’s backs
the whole way: Dana packed their
lunches and snacks, while Annette
cooked for the two of them in the
evening. Says Dana: “We enjoyed
making the recipes together,
putting love into the food.”
What else added to their
success? They both exercised
every day. “That is what
I enjoy and take the time to do
for myself,” says Annette. “My mom
inspires me to take care of myself,”
adds Dana.

Annette intends to reach her goal
weight of 145 pounds by continuing
with the Digest Diet (and she plans to
do it with her other daughter as well).
She urges others to try it. “This way of
eating can be done every day without
any problems. Just go with it. You’re
going to enjoy every single thing you
eat.” And her advice to those who
fall off the path is simple: “Sure, you
are going to want to eat something
you love, like pizza or pasta, but that’s
okay. You have a guide to get right
back and keep on going with your
new, healthy way of eating.”

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