The World’s Best Place to Live Is Hiring Brainy Travelers—and You Could Be One of Them

If you were looking for your next big break, this might just be it!

Scanrail1/ShutterstockLooking for a change of scenery? There’s no better place in the world to live than Denmark. At least, that’s according to a recent ranking published by the Social Progress Imperative, a study funded by experts at Harvard and MIT.

As per the study’s findings, living in Denmark certainly has a lot of perks. Access to the Internet, affordable housing, health care, and freedom of expression are all top-notch in this Nordic country—and that’s just the beginning. Meanwhile, the U.S. ranked number 18 on the list. The results just go to show that money isn’t always the key to happiness, the study’s authors write.

“Denmark has long been heralded for its successful welfare policies and quality of life. While not surprising, its strong performance on the 2017 Social Progress Index is impressive and will serve for others as a model of what works in social progress,” Social Progress Imperative CEO Michael Green said. “Still, even the country at the top of the charts can improve and strive for more inclusive growth.”

It’s true; there’s more to Denmark than meets the eye. The Danish finance minister, Kristian Jenson, warned that his country faces a severe labor shortage. Apparently, they’re having a tough time convincing highly-skilled professionals to bring their expertise across the ocean.

Part of the problem is that some perceive Denmark as less welcoming to foreigners due to its strict immigration policies, Jenson says. Plus, Danish workers just aren’t very motivated by tax cuts, which further inhibits the struggling economy’s growth.

While this seems like an unfortunate problem for Denmark, it’s great news for anyone hoping to change it up. If you were thinking about moving abroad at all, now couldn’t be a better time. The Nordic country is practically begging for brainy foreigners to come work for them!

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