Never Worry About Missing Your Check-In Again with This Airline’s New Feature

Hopping on a flight is never as easy as just hopping on a flight. And Delta just eliminated the need to worry about checking in.

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You’ve run through the mental checklist. You’ve run through the physical checklist. You’ve measured and weighed every last piece of luggage, you’ve checked your fluids, checked your luggage tags. You’re set for 8-day vacation (which is the perfect vacation length) to Kokomo, and even though you hit some traffic, you’re still ecstatic.

When you finally walk into your terminal, you head to the check-in kiosk, and tragedy strikes—you missed the time window for checking-in. Despite the fact that you can see your gate and there’s not a single soul in the security line, you’re not allowed to even attempt to make your flight, all because you didn’t check-in on time. If you flew Delta, this wouldn’t be a problem.

As reported by the Verge, the red-triangle-having airline has done away with the traditional check-in process for flyers who have their mobile app. Passengers are now automatically checked in and emailed their boarding passes 24 hours before their flight courtesy of the Fly Delta app.

Delta isn’t the progenitor of this feature, however. Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline, already uses the feature. (The second largest German airline, however, just folded—here’s what to do with your tickets.) JetBlue ran a limited trial run of the automatic check-in function for select customers in 2014 but never built out the feature beyond that.

As of Sunday, October 15, those without the Delta app still are required to check in themselves, with the standard email with the “It’s Time To Check In” subject line. Though this function is pretty cool, plenty of other airlines have awesome perks to check out as well.

[Source: The Verge]

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