You Won’t Stop Smiling at This Father’s Hilarious Daddy-Daughter Photos

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There’s nothing cuter than a smiling baby—except a smiling baby taking pictures in costume with her dad. California-based dad Sholom Ber Solomon likes to get dressed up with his daughter, Zoe Tegan Solomon. And they don’t just sit, smile, snap a photo, and call it a day. While the two pose, Solomon’s wife captures the photos to get hilarious posts for Solomon’s Instagram account, @sbsolly. In the hilarious results, Zoe is almost cute enough to eat.

We’re willing to bet the nine-month-old will have the best costume on the block every Halloween. Seriously, the father-daughter duo couldn’t be cuter, whether being trouble-makers…

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…or just having some good, clean fun.

Solomon says he’s been into taking funny pictures in costume for years, but was thrilled when he realized his baby was happy to join in. “She definitely makes all the pictures a lot cuter as without her I’m just a chubby guy who likes to take silly pictures,” he tells Daily Mail. “The ideas for what me and Zoe will do next is endless.” If these are just the beginning, we can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

Sure, these will make great #tbt photos when little Zoe is old enough for an Instagram account of her own, but they also mean quality family time while she grows up. (If your little kids are growing up too fast, try these great ways to spend quality time with teens.)”Zoe has always been a happy and smiley baby, especially when we are all having fun as a family,” he tells Huffington Post.

Raising Zoe has taught Solomon that parenthood has its challenges and can sometimes stink…

…but at the end of the day, it’s the best adventure ever.

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