The Curse Word That Canada Thinks Is OK to Say on the Radio

%#*@, Eh?

Curse-wordKelsey McArdle /RD.comIn Canada, singer Cee-Lo Green’s words remain unedited in the popular song “Forget You.” When he sees you driving around town with a girl he loves, he doesn’t say “forget you.” He says, well, the curse word that starts with an “f” and ends with a  “ck,” you.

No, he doesn’t say “firetruck you.” Jeez, people. Since when is “firetruck” a curse word?

That’s because in Canada on French-language broadcasts, it’s a-ok to say “f*ck.” The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) determined in a statement that “f*ck” is “part of the common French spoken language.” Its commonality cleans it up, in essence, so it doesn’t have “the same vulgar connotations when used in French.” Go ahead and let it out—it’s totally OK to use swear words in these four situations

The change came about after of a string of complaints were filed because of two on-air uses of the word by the same station in the past year. Montreal’s CKOI-FM, a French-language station, aired a clip of Madonna using the word during a women’s march, and a clip of Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of the band Greenday, using it during a concert. 

Now, it’s not like disc jockeys from our friendly neighbors to the north will just be flippantly throwing it around like a… hockey puck or anything. There is one context where the CBSC has an issue with the usage of the curse word.

“If the word is used infrequently and not as an insult towards a particular person, it will be deemed acceptable in the context of French-language programming,” they note. 

How very laissez-faire of them.  

[Source: The Guardian]

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