This One-Piece Swimsuit Provides A+ Tummy Control for Just $29

Incredibly flattering and surprisingly affordable, this is the Cupshe bathing suit you've been waiting for.

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You may have started checking off your summer shopping list—beach towels, beach chairs, sunglasses, bathing suit cover-ups, sun hats, facial sunscreen—but got stuck at swimsuits. Finding the best swimsuits for your body type, especially at an affordable price, can be challenging. So, the fact that this Cupshe bathing suit boasts thousands of five-star reviews and the gratitude of women who exclaim it made them feel good about their body—despite being intimidated by swimsuits—means it’s truly something special.

What is a Cupshe bathing suit?

The popular Cupshe bathing suit is a one-piece suit that flatters just about every body type. If you’re midsection-heavy, the ruched details help smooth over every bump. Small- and large-chested bodies will appreciate the adjustable straps and V-neck silhouette that add support and lift. Those that are bottom-heavy will also like the full-coverage bottoms for a less cheeky look.

“The best tummy-control swimsuits can help you feel confident, stylish and sexy,” says body positivity coach, Lauren Salaun. “They make you feel more secure both inside and out since they’re designed to hold things in place a bit more, and they can even help you maintain better posture.”

According to Salaun, this Cupshe bathing suit is a great option for tummy control, thanks to its thoughtful features. “There isn’t a ton of fabric on top, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a full-on bodysuit—it still looks delicate and feminine,” she says. “Plus, it has the ruching, which is the gathered fabric at the midsection. Ruching is an ideal way to hide any tummy you don’t want to show off while also creating a streamlined shape in the process.”

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Why is the Cupshe bathing suit trending?

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuitvia merchant

“The biggest design element of this suit is the shirring,” explains Lily Ito, digital marketing manager at Cupshe. “Its placement creates a slimming effect with coverage and comfort.” That clever shirring (aka ruching), strategically created with a chinlon-spandex blend, is what creates this bathing suit’s tummy-control magic, visually slimming the midsection without being uncomfortably restrictive.

Plus, Ito adds, “The neckline of the suit helps accentuate the bust, and the cut of the leg creates an illusion of longer legs. That combination results in a bathing suit that is not only slimming, but also works to highlight areas that you want to show off.”

The Cupshe bathing suit also features adjustable straps and removable padded cups, and it comes in sizes extra-small to XXL. It’s not the most size inclusive, but thankfully we have the best plus-size swimwear picks, too.

Although the suit is available in 24 colors and patterns, orange is, by far, the number one bestseller. lto admits, “We have a hard time keeping this color in stock!” It’s flattering to all skin tones, and it’s the first choice for most buyers. After seeing how well the suit fits, though, many women decide to buy it in multiple colors. After a day at the beach or pool, toss the suit in the wash or hand-wash it.

The best Amazon user reviews

Women are having a love affair with this tummy-control one-piece swimsuit, and the reviews are filled with empowering messages. If you’re still on the fence, more than 16,700 shoppers gave it a five-star rating on Amazon. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Five-star reviewer, Abby Mueller, felt self conscious about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) weight gain, but ultimately loved how the Cupshe bathing suit made her feel. “It has perfect coverage in your front section, a slight bit of cheekyness (nothing too crazy) and masks any tummy rolls. I thought it made my chest look nice, as well,” she writes.

Verified purchaser, Kristen, bought the suit for some coverage on her 18-week pregnant tummy. “It was so comfortable I wore it every day,” she raves. “I personally wish it was cheekier, but overall loved it. Held up great in the sand/water, too.”

Another five-star reviewer, Mary, was worried about purchasing a one-piece, but says, “…this swimsuit is everything I’ve been looking for.” After a day of tubing, “it somehow didn’t ride up for the 60+ minutes we were on the water! It feels appropriate enough to wear around my in-laws, but still hot. I got so many compliments on it! Love!”

Where to buy a Cupshe bathing suit

Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuitvia merchant

For a hot swimsuit deal, find the tummy-control suit on the Cupshe website for $29. It’s also available on Amazon and Walmart for a few dollars more. The last thing to do is choose among the two dozen colors and patterns!

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