This Knit Chair Is the Definition of Cozy

We dare you to resist curling up here.

this-knit-chair-is-the-definition-of-cozyCourtesy Veega TankunNothing sounds cozier on a chilly winter day than throwing on a chunky knit sweater and hunkering down with a hot cup of tea—especially in a chair that’s as cuddly as your sweater.

London-based designer Veega Tankun is introducing the Blue Needle Chair as part of her new brand, veegadesign. Using unusual yarns and other materials like rubber and felt, she created this oversized stuff knit that’s just begging you to snuggle in. The chair, which is part of the “crafting comfort” collection, has a sturdy wood frame, but bungee cords hold up the giant knit seat to keep it comfy and supportive.

this-knit-chair-is-the-definition-of-cozy-2Courtesy Veega TankunWhen people sit in the Needle chair for the first time, “they tend to say, ‘it feels like it’s massaging my whole back,'” Tankun says. “The knitted tubes are meant to act like arms that grab you to sink into the chair.”

Tankun says the traditional textile techniques her family has passed down through the generations inspired her recent collection. “Knitting, crochet, and weaving are structurally very durable contraction methods but are rarely used in furniture,” she says. “This made me pay more attention to the alternative ways of thinking about textiles and alternative materials that can be used in combination with textiles.”

this-knit-chair-is-the-definition-of-cozy03Courtesy Veega TankunTo Tankun, cozy doesn’t have to mean muted colors. The bright teal and canary yellow on this chair add a major pop of color to any reading nook. (Start with inspiration from these cozy reading quotes for bookworms.)

Each chair is made to order, so interested buyers should contact Tankun directly through email.

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