Costco Is Selling $10 Boxes of Fabric Face Masks

Looking for face masks right now? Costco has you covered—literally.

If you prefer heading to the store in person instead of using grocery delivery, you’ll need a face mask to help limit the germs you spread and protect you from germs. Of course, you can make a face mask, but if you’re not too handy with DIY projects, Costco has your back.

Right now, Costco is selling boxes of reusable, washable face masks. The best part? They’re only $10 a pop.

Is this the best deal at Costco right now?

Yes! Costco is selling three-packs of fabric face masks for just $9.59. The masks come in three colors: red, blue, and black. While they’re machine washable, you’ll want to skip tossing these guys in the dryer; they’re only meant to be air-dried to avoid shrinkage and tearing. (Masks that are torn should be discarded immediately.)

The masks were first spotted by Costco-loving Instagrammer @CostcoGuy4U, who couldn’t be more excited to share the news. According to the packaging, the masks are adjustable but not medical grade, so remember to maintain that six feet of separation when you can. Costco is currently requiring shoppers to wear face masks, so these masks are the perfect addition to your shopping list.

Are they available at my location?

Masks are a pretty hot commodity right now, and there’s no guarantee these three-packs will be available at all locations. Make sure you give your local store a ring before grabbing your membership card and heading out to Costco. Be aware, shoppers are limited to just five boxes per customer. Remember to disinfect your face mask after every use to prevent the spread of outside germs in your home.

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