Costco Is Selling a Flamin’ Hot Favorites Box with All the Best Spicy Snacks

Live for the burn with a box of Flamin' Hot Favorites.

With so much to discover, the aisles of Costco can be a blessing and a curse. Do you want the warehouse club’s famous four-pound pumpkin pie? How about an enormous bottle of boozy eggnog? It’s tough to choose a treat.

Fortunately, decision-making just got easier with the new Flamin’ Hot Favorites variety pack. Why restrict yourself to just one bag of chips when each box features a bundle of all the best hot and spicy snacks?

What’s the spicy scoop?

Instagram shopper @Costco_doesitagain shared a photo of the extra-spicy variety boxes. Each one contains five types of chips and snacks divvied up in 30 individual bags. You get the one and only Flamin’ Hot Cheetos plus Flamin’ Hot Chester Fries, Flamin’ Hot Funyuns and for a little international flair, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Limón. Don’t forget the Flamin’ Hot Munchies, which already contain a mind-blowing four snacks in one bag! The whole box is less than ten bucks. OK, it’s $9.99. Add it to the list of things you should be buying at Costco, but aren’t.

If you aren’t already burning up with envy, check it out here:

If you have orange-dusted fingers, keep reading

If Flamin’ Hot Favorites grab your attention, you probably already have a favorite cheesy snack. Just in case, our sister site Taste of Home taste-tested five brands of cheese puffs (including Cheetos and Chester’s, of course).

If for some inexplicable reason, you have extra Cheetos laying around that didn’t get eaten, you can toss them with pretzels and corn chips. It’s absolutely perfect for Friday night snacking. Now, make sure you know what other Costco goodies you can find at the superstore that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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