You Can Become the Co-Owner of a French Castle for Just 61 Bucks

It has a moat!

CastleCourtesy DartagnansGrowing up, every children’s movie and storybook was secretly instilling a seemingly unachievable standard for real estate. “I should live in a castle when I grow up!” you thought to your 6-year-old self. Although that dream is generally pretty hard to achieve, one castle in France can help get you closer to achieving that far-fetched goal.

CastleCourtesy DartagnansAccording to Mashable, the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, a 13th-century castle in western France, is being sold for $61 (€51). But there is a catch—the fee doesn’t get you full ownership, as anybody can pay it to become a “co-owner,” and so far, 9,000 people have bought a share. (You may want to brush up on your French for when you visit!)

CastleCourtesy DartagnansThe sale, which was devised by a partnership between the Friends of Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, a foundation which supports the upkeep of the estate, and Dartagnans, a cultural heritage restoration platform, was put together to raise €500,000 ($588,975) for the purpose of restoration. That goal has been fulfilled, but Dartagnans will still be accepting donations until December 25. These abandoned castles around the world are worth a visit

CastleCourtesy DartagnansAlthough shareholders can’t exactly hold court at the site, they do get to be the first to see the restoration process in progress. The public will have to wait until the repairs are complete to visit the castle.

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[Source: Mashable]

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