This Infographic Will Help Make Sure Your Christmas Gifts Arrive on Time

Pro tip: Don't mail your package on Christmas Eve.

Amazon Prime has spoiled us. That orange check mark and Carolina blue text are usually a given when shopping on Amazon and when it isn’t there, we feel, frankly, shocked. So, when the holidays roll around and every major package carrier is overwhelmed with orders, we also get overwhelmed. “What do you mean we can’t have a chaise lounge delivered on Christmas Day with 48 hours notice?” we all collectively think to ourselves. (Here are some Amazon shopping hacks you’ll probably want to check out.)

But fear not, because ShipStation has some crucial information for you and your lounge furniture. The shipping solution company has created a nifty infographic to make sure that your holidays are full of punctual presents. 


The infographic covers the three major carriers in the U.S.: USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Some of the earlier cutoffs in the timeline include FedEx Smart Post (December 11th), USPS Retail Ground (December 14th), and UPS Ground (December 15th)—you might think you can save a few bucks by shipping extra early, but two weeks to ten days isn’t quite enough all the time.

For the millionaires out there that can afford FedEx Same Day, you can pretty much wait until the very last minute to get your gifts.

[Source: Lifehacker]

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