This Insanely Complicated Overpass Is Blowing the Internet’s Mind

Rush hour will never be the same once this crazy highway opens. The photos will make your eyes pop out of your head!

overpassSipa-Asia/REX/ShutterstockThink you get lost driving to the local supermarket? Or that your rush hour commute is hectic? Try your hand at driving on one of the most complicated overpasses in the world… It’s guaranteed to make you think twice.

Located in the Nan’an District of Chongqing in southwest China, the highway has five layers and nearly 20 ramps. At any given time, cars can zoom around in eight different directions.

overpassSipa-Asia/REX/ShutterstockThe Internet has already expressed its shock and amazement, as well as its concern. How in the world do drivers not get hopelessly confused, or worse—lost?

But Chinese officials reassure everyone that the overpass has been successfully tested. Plus, there are signs to guide and direct traffic unlike these funny road signs that are worth slowing down for.

“Even if you take the wrong way, then you only have to go around one kilometre or even just five or six hundred metres before there is an option to correct the wrong turn,” one project official told People’s Daily Online.

overpassSipa-Asia/REX/ShutterstockThis massive project began in 2009 and took nearly eight years to complete.  But before you hit the road, take this quiz on the rules of the road to refresh your memory!

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