Getting Rid of Dog Hair In My Home Seemed Impossible—Until I Tried the ChomChom Roller

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We tested this pet hair removal product with more than 110,000 reviews on Amazon. Here's why it's totally worth the hype.

There’s so much I love about Ryker, my hound/pit mix. I love how sweet-natured and playful he is, how he howls with delight when he’s excited, and how he never passes up the chance to cuddle on the couch. All around, he’s a phenomenal dog that I’m incredibly lucky to have. But there is one thing I wish I could change: how much he sheds.

Don’t get me wrong: I knew I was signing up for dog-hair cleanup when I adopted Ryker, but since he isn’t a long-haired or fluffy dog, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. I was quickly proven wrong after our trip home from the shelter. I opened the car door to see my new pup smiling at me…and an impressive layer of tri-colored hair clinging to my cloth seats. Since then, I’ve been stocking up on pet hair removal products, including pet vacuums and lint rollers to keep my place tidy. One product that’s been a huge help (and one I’m obsessed with) is the ChomChom Roller.

What is the ChomChom Roller, exactly?

Though there are lots of handheld pet hair-eliminating products like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, what makes the reusable handheld ChomChom Roller special is that it removes pet hair from items made of fabric, including furniture and clothing, sans batteries or electricity. Think of it as powerful lint roller without all the sticky tape. Instead, it uses an electrostatic charge to attract pet hair, which is then deposited into a collection chamber. Yep, this tool uses physics to work its magic.

As of this writing, the ChomChom Roller has more than 110,000 reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Happy customers rave about it, calling it “a solid A+” and “a dream come true.” And I have to say, I agree!

How to use the ChomChom Roller

Since it’s handheld and doesn’t require setup or a power source, the ChomChom Roller couldn’t be easier to use. Here’s what to do:

  • Step 1: Roll the ChomChom Roller back and forth in fast, short strokes over the area with pet hair; this builds up the electrostatic charge required to pick up the pet hair. Roll as long as needed.
  • Step 2: When you’re done, press the button on the back of the handle to open the collection chamber. (I like to empty the chamber after each use so the hair doesn’t build up.)
  • Step 3: Throw the collected pet hair and lint in the trash.

If you’re confused, don’t worry—there’s a helpful video on the product’s Amazon page that shows you how it’s done.

One important note: The ChomChom Roller tends to work best on fabric items. While some Amazon reviewers had luck with it on leather couches, others did not. That’s because it relies on an electrostatic charge to pick up hair, and leather typically doesn’t create that kind of charge. If you have leather furniture, your best bet is to use a lint roller.

How we tested the ChomChom Roller

Ryker the dogKelly Kuehn/

Since the ChomChom Roller is so easy to use, testing it was a breeze. I didn’t vacuum or do any of my other daily dog-hair-removal tasks for two days in order to see how well the ChomChom worked. This was honestly the toughest part of the testing process because Ryker’s hair piled up quickly, and I felt like I was walking and sitting in a sea of dog hair (and by product, dog smell).

Once there was plenty (and I mean plenty) of dog hair to clean up, I tested the ChomChom Roller in my home by:

  • Using it for 30 seconds on each surface/item listed below
  • Emptying out the collection chamber at the end of each use

Here’s what I tested it on:

Couch cover

Arm Rest Before And AfterKelly Kuehn/

I have a polyester couch cover that the ChomChom Roller worked wonders on. On flatter and more solid areas, like the couch arms and seat cushions, it was easy to roll back and forth. I could clearly see that dog hair was being picked up (and quickly). It was a little harder to get the hair off the back cushion since the couch cover isn’t totally flat in that spot, but it was still manageable, and by the time I was done, the couch cover was virtually hair-free.


Couch Chom Chom Before And AfterKelly Kuehn/

My couch cover does a great job of keeping dog hair off my denim couch, but let’s be real—dog hair (like muddy paw prints) has a knack for getting on nearly every household surface, no matter how well it’s covered. There was a small uncovered section of my couch that had some of Ryker’s hair on it, so I used the ChomChom Roller to remove it. Worked like a charm!


Chom Chom Roller carpetKelly Kuehn/

To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure the ChomChom Roller would work well as a carpet cleaner, but I was happily surprised by the results. I tested it on a spot where Ryker took an hour-long snooze, which, ironically, was right next to his dog bed. I was able to get a good amount of hair he left behind (some of which I didn’t even initially see because it blended into the carpet), plus some lint and a little of my hair, too.

While the ChomChom Roller works well on carpet, I would only use it for spot carpet cleanup; it would take a long time to use on your entire carpet. For big jobs, you’re better off using a dependable vacuum.


Red Quilt Before And AfterKelly Kuehn/

The ChomChom Roller did a great job of picking up dog hair on my quilt comforter, where Ryker loves to sprawl out for his afternoon naps, leaving his hair as a souvenir. I found that the most effective way to clean this was to lay the comforter flat out on the mattress so it didn’t bunch as much; that also made it easier to see where the hair was.

Polyester comforter

Chom Chom Bed Before And AfterKelly Kuehn/

Another win! The ChomChom Roller worked wonders on the polyester comforter I have on my guest bed. This is a highly trafficked Ryker area (I swear he thinks this is actually his bed), so it saw its fair share of dog hair after two days. His black hair stuck out like a sore thumb on it, and it was so satisfying to see it disappear in an instant.


It was harder to use the ChomChom Roller on my fleece throw blanket, even when it was laid flat and pulled tight, but I did manage to get some dog hair off of it. I also tested it on my UGG blanket and got the same so-so results. I ended up needing to wash both blankets to remove the rest of the dog hair.

Dog bed

Chom ChomKelly Kuehn/

Ryker had used his new dog bed only twice before I tested the ChomChom Roller on it, so there wasn’t that much hair to remove. It was a bit harder to get a good roll going since his bed is on the softer side, but the roller did pick up what was there, as well as some lint. If it was a totally flat dog bed, I think it would have picked up more, but it still did a good job.


I wore black leggings while testing, so they were pretty much covered in dog hair by the time I turned the ChomChom Roller on them. It managed to pick up most of the hair on them, and I can see this coming in clutch if I don’t have a lint roller handy. Another product that helps get rid of pet hair on clothing, specifically while it’s drying: Bounce Pet Hair dryer sheets.

Car interior

Chom Chom Headrest Before And AfterKelly Kuehn/

I have a seat cover in my backseat, but it doesn’t cover my car’s cloth headrests. Ryker likes to poke his head next to mine whenever we go through the Dunkin’ drive-thru, so his hair always gets on the headrest. The ChomChom Roller did a fantastic job getting rid of the dog hair here, as well as on my cloth car seats. It’s a great tool to use alongside a car vacuum.

ChomChom Roller product features

One of the things I love most about the ChomChom Roller is how lightweight it is. It’s also easy to store—I keep it in a drawer right next to my lint roller. The bottom line: It’s super convenient and simple to use, and it gets the job done.

What I liked about the ChomChom Roller

  • Easy to use, store, and take on the go
  • Reusable
  • Doesn’t require batteries or electricity, so it’s always ready to use
  • Works quickly
  • No assembly required

What to consider about the ChomChom Roller

  • Can be challenging to use on softer and looser materials that aren’t held taut

Frequently asked questions about the ChomChom Roller

Does the ChomChom Roller work on human hair?

Yes, it picked up some of my long hair when I tested it—especially when I used it to clean the carpet. Two pieces actually got caught in the roller, but they weren’t tangled, so it was easy to pull them out and throw them away. The rest was deposited in the chamber along with whatever else the roller gathered.

How do you wash the ChomChom Roller?

I use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the brush and collection chamber after every other use, then let it dry. No soap or detergent required.

Other ChomChom Roller reviews

People have a lot to say about the ChomChom Roller on Amazon—it does have more than 110,000 reviews, after all! Here’s what other customers say about this handy little device:

JustMeMare writes: “With five cats, I really need this. Works wonderfully, and I wish I found it sooner!”

Steel Magnolia writes: “Works as described or better. Removes Pomeranian hair from my bed like nothing I’ve tried before. Better than vacuuming.”

SKDerrig writes: “This is a little miracle worker! Cleans the dog hair off my rugs, chairs, bed, everything. Money well spent!”

How does the ChomChom Roller compare to a lint roller?

I’d use my ChomChom Roller before my lint roller any day. I don’t have to pull off sheet after sheet when cleaning, making the whole process faster and easier. That said, I still like to give certain items a final once-over with a lint roller at the very end. This lets me collect as much dog hair as possible, especially those stubborn hairs that get really embedded in fabric like denim.

Is the ChomChom Roller worth it?

Yes, the ChomChom Roller is so worth it. It easily removed dog hair in my home and car in no time, and it’s especially handy when you have guests coming over and need to do a quick, effective cleanup. While it won’t remove every single piece of dog hair in your home (will anything?), it’s a dynamite tool to pair with your lint roller.

Where to buy the ChomChom Roller

Chomchom Roller Pet Hair Removervia merchant

The ChomChom Roller goes for around $25 and is available at Walmart and on Amazon. I got mine on Amazon for fast delivery, which really came in handy since I wanted it ASAP.

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