This Infographic Is Your Ultimate Guide for the Best Time of Year to Travel to These 12 Major Cities

International travel doesn't have to break the bank. You can save up to 40 percent on travel to 12 in-demand global destinations if you know the right times to go.

If you want to travel cheap, you have to know when to travel, according to, an online hotel booking site (as well as smartphone app) that helps connect travelers of every budget to over a million properties worldwide and features over 120 million reviews. Even if you’re not specifically in the market for cheap travel, what could be better than a perfectly priced month-by-month itinerary of exciting global cities to check off your travel bucket-list? Well, we’ve got it in this handy infographic, which tells you the best week of the best month of the year to travel cheap to each of these 12 in-demand international cities.


The featured destinations (Amsterdam! Tokyo! New York City!) may surprise you because they may not fit your idea of cheap places to travel. But that’s the magic of this infographic. With the help of, we did the legwork for you, first determining the average price per night at a four-star hotel in the most popular global cities, then following the way those prices fluctuated over the course of the most recent 12-month period for which prices were available for analysis (December 2015 through December 2016) while also factoring in each city’s weather and local events and holidays. The end result: the best cheap weak of the year for each city, including the average per-night price, and how much you’re saving compared with the most expensive week of the year. Bon voyage, and you’re welcome.


January: Melbourne, Australia in the third week of January for 153 Australian Dollars (AUD)

= 33 percent  savings

February: Buenos Aires, Argentina in the last week of February for $69

= 22 percent savings

March: Bangkok, Thailand in the second week of March for 2623 Thai Baht

= 22 percent savings

April: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA in the second week of April for $229

= 39 percent savings

May: San Diego, California, USA in the first week of May for $205

= 37 percent savings

June: New York City, New York, USA in the last week of June for $232 USD

= 35 percent savings

July: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in the last week of July for $87 USD

= 15 percent savings

August: Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the last week of August for 150 Euros

= 27 percent savings

September: Tokyo, Japan in the first week of September for 18511 Japanese Yen

= 34 percent savings

October: Beijing, China in the first week of October for 494 Yuan (RMB)

= 17 percent savings

November: Paris, France in the last week of November for 162 EUR

= 30 percent savings

December: Sydney, Australia in the fourth week of December for 179 AUD

= 40 percent savings

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