This Chart Will Tell You Exactly How Spicy Your Favorite Hot Sauce Is

Hot sauce is, well, hot—but just how hot? This chart breaks it down.

Adding a little bit of spice to your life is, for the most part, a great idea. For example, adding some pepper sauce to your eggs in the morning is a wise move (here are some delicious egg recipes to get you started), while adding a little bit of salsa verde to your morning cup of coffee might just be a terrible idea. But spice can seem pretty relative, as some people handle it differently than others.

However, there is a standardized system to rate exactly how hot something is. It may seem like a difficult task to quantify something seemingly intangible, but it’s not without precedent; the beer industry manages to measure bitterness using IBU’s, or International Bittering Units. The hotness of something is measured in Scoville Heat Units, and thanks to this handy chart from Sriracha2Go, you can see where your favorite hot sauce stacks up in terms of official metrics.

Credit: Sriracha2Go

No matter where your favorite food slathering falls, it definitely doesn’t stack up anywhere close to the hottest pepper in the world, which clocks in at 3.18 million Scovilles. Maybe stick with the Tabasco or one of these peppers for now—they’re proven to help burn calories!

[Source: Skillet]

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