Cat Face and Pup Face: The Meme-Themed Party Games for Pet Lovers Everywhere

Looking for some silly, pet-centric fun? Try Cat Face and Pup Face, two hilarious card games based on pet memes.

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If you’re planning a holiday gathering and looking for some card games that are great for a group, The Pet Collective has two options sure to please any pet lover—Cat Face and Pup Face. Both are party games based on the viral cat and dog memes The Pet Collective has made famous, and they’re every bit as silly as they sound.

We love that The Pet Collective has introduced versions for cat lovers, dog lovers, adults, and kids. There’s even a drinking game version—but best to save that one for when you’re all gathered for a long holiday weekend and no one’s doing any driving!

With these hilarious cat and dog games, the rules are simple and the laughs are guaranteed. Here’s how both games work:

Cat Face: The Card Game for Cat People

Cat Face Cat Meme Party Game Ecommvia

The object of this cat card game is to create the funniest cat meme, using a combination of “cat face” or “cat butt” (seriously!) photo cards and a caption card. Captions include things a cat might say if it could talk, like “I groom myself for 12 hours a day just so I can avoid looking at you.”

  • Game Play: Cat Face is for 3-8 players, each of whom chooses five caption cards from a deck. A cat face or cat butt card is drawn, and each player lays down one of their caption cards to go with it. One player is the judge and decides which combination of caption and cat card is the funniest.
  • Who It’s Best For: Cat Face is made for cat lovers, obviously, but you don’t have to fancy felines to get in on the fun of this cat card game. Because some of the captions reference sex, alcohol, and other adult topics, this one is best for grown-ups.
  • Game Options: If little kids want to get in on the fun, The Pet Collective offers “expansion decks,” including a “Kitten Edition” with more kid-friendly cards. Or for even more adult fun, there’s the “Drinking Edition,” where the winner of each round can either take a drink or choose someone else to “lap it up.” Again, we only recommend this version if all those cool cats have handed over their car keys for the night.

Pup Face: The Card Game for Dog People

Pup Face Ecommvia

Dogs just seem to be created to make people laugh. Based on the popularity of Cat Face, The Pet Collective is releasing Pup Face, the dog lover’s party game. Gameplay is largely the same, except players choose from Pup Face and “Wag” cards, to which they have to match a funny caption. A drinking version of this game is also available, just make sure you don’t overdo it—otherwise, you might need a little hair of the dog the next day!

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Where to Get Your Paws on Cat Face and Pup Face

Both Cat Face and Pup Face cat and dog games are available through these links at The Pet Collective:

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