You Can Only Get This Drink at One Starbucks in the Entire World

Looking to jazz up your java? Look no further.

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Looking to jazz up your java? Look no further. This secret Starbucks drink is so good, it might be worth booking a plane ticket for.

Called the Espresso Martini, this caffeinated cuppa sports a delicious mix of espresso, vodka, and simple or vanilla syrup. It’s served in a chilled martini glass and topped with an espresso bean garnish to finish off the look.

There is just one catch, though. This off-the-menu drink is only available at one location: The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle. (Check out more secrets your barista won’t tell you.)

“Starbucks Reserve Roastery is the only Starbucks location that employs skillfully trained bartenders who craft an assortment of signature beverages and cocktails to accompany the authentic Italian cuisine at [the Princi Bakery],” a Starbucks spokesperson told Delish.

Whether you’re looking to perk up in the morning or prep for a night out, this boozy beverage will do the trick. But coffee lovers, drink with caution; editors at Delish say it tastes “more like a milkshake than a martini,” so you might be tempted to indulge in two or three. We won’t tell!

The Espresso Martini may only be available at one location for now. But here’s hoping that the next time you pop into your local Starbucks, you won’t have to opt for the average cup of Joe. And if that’s not enough to spice up your Starbucks order, try these clever ways to hack the Starbucks menu.

[Source: Delish]

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