This Is How Many Mouse Clicks It Takes to Burn a Calorie

Let's just say clicking your mouse is probably not a reliable way to burn some extra calories during the workday.

clickKonstantin Chagin

About 10 years ago, you could walk into any given generic office building and simply see a sea of cubicles. If you walked into the same office building in 2015, you’d witness an uprising, a revolution, a series of workers who probably jumped head first into the standing desk craze. Although the overall benefits of the standing desk are a bit dubious, they do have a clear caloric benefit: standing for one hour will burn 50 calories.

But for those seeking to maximize their workplace workout while remaining within the confines of their cubic castle, what’s the best bet? Incorporating some sort of mouse-clicking CrossFit isn’t going to do the trick, according to Wired.

Rhett Allen took care of the back-of-envelope math to get a rough estimate of how many calories one can burn while clicking away. And as it turns out, the task is Herculean. In order to burn just one calorie, someone would have to click their mouse 10 million times, or 10 times every second for 11 and a half days.

The rationale for the bit of research came from Rhett’s daughter’s suggestion that one click would burn one calorie. Much like the concept of negative calorie foods, we know that now to be patently false.

So how is one supposed to burn calories while remaining entirely sedentary, then? Maybe try one of these workouts do you can do while sitting at your desk. It’s not a simple as a flick of the wrist or a click of a mouse, but it’s a start.

Robots are going to replace everyone at work anyway, so don’t sweat too much extra effort on developing that desk regimen.

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