WOW: This Bride Has Fit Into Her Dress Through 70 Years of Marriage

Betty Jane Budd Griffin puts her wedding dress back on for all her major anniversaries.


My beautiful wife, Betty Jane Budd Griffin, has worn her original wedding gown five times in celebrating our 69 years of marriage. Betty will still be fitting beautifully into the hand-sewn gown that was created for her by a close family friend when we celebrate our 70th anniversary this year. Here’s a look at each of these special moments. Above, our wedding day, August 18, 1946. Betty posed standing in her parents’ backyard in Holt, Michigan.

Here, in 1971, celebrating our 25th anniversary. With Betty are her mom, Julia Budd Hutcheon, and our daughters Annette Griffin Manley and Amy Griffin Monson.


This photo was taken in Reeve, Wisconsin in 1986. We repeated our wedding vows with Pastor Les Pardun officiating.


Here, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary in 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida. Betty is with our youngest grandchild, Hannah Marie Griffin, now 24.


Lastly, in 2006, our 60th anniversary. We celebrated with family and friends at our church in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Originally Published in Reminisce