Here’s What We Know About Walmart+, the Brand-New Walmart Membership Program

Walmart membership is meant to compete with Amazon Prime, and it offers many of the same perks.

Who doesn’t love a good membership or rewards program? No one, that’s who. And that’s why so many places have ’em—we all love getting free stuff, discounts, extra “exclusive” perks, etc. It’s especially worth it if it’s a membership to a place we visit often: honestly, sometimes those end up paying for themselves. So instead of worrying about the things you won’t see in Walmart anymore, start looking forward to Walmart+!

We’re totally thrilled to learn Walmart will soon be offering a membership service, called Walmart+. If you’re a frequent Walmart-goer, it definitely seems like it’ll be worth the cost. Here’s what we know so far.

What Is Walmart+ and what does joining get me?

Basically, Walmart+ was launched to compete with Amazon Prime—and oh boy, does it ever. If you’re subscribed to Amazon Pantry or any other food-delivery services, you might consider adding Walmart+. It offers free same-day delivery on grocery orders. But that’s not all—this is same-day delivery on everything, not just food; beauty products, tech, clothes, and more. That one-ups Amazon Prime by a whole day. And get this: you can even get some orders in as little as two hours. Yes, please!

As if that wasn’t enough, Walmart+ also plans to add streaming content to compete with Amazon Prime Video, which kind of makes sense considering they’re turning their parking lots into drive-in theaters. And, finally, subscribers can get other perks like discounts on prescriptions, the ability to place orders and pay from their phones. Make sure you read up on what you should buy at Walmart vs. Target.

What does it cost?

Unsurprisingly, it’s in the realm of Amazon Prime, but cheaper. If you want Walmart+, it’ll likely cost you $98 per year—the same as Walmart’s already-existing grocery delivery service.

If you’re already looking for a place to sign up, you’re in for a bit of a bummer: the service hasn’t actually launched yet. It was originally supposed to be up and running in July, but right now, the release date on the official website is just “coming soon.” That’s fine, Walmart: we’ll be ready to subscribe. Soon. Next, find out the ways Walmart tricks you into spending more money.

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