Target Is Debuting Brand New Stores—Here’s What You Need to Know

Just when you thought Target couldn't get any better, it went ahead and announced some exciting new changes on the horizon

Target shoppers rejoice! The fan-favorite store chain recently announced that it’ll be remodeling its stores so that they are bigger, brighter, include more merchandise and have more sustainability features. In other words, shopping at Target will be easier and more enjoyable than ever.

While these improvements will probably make us spend even more money at Target than we already do, we’re not mad about it—especially when you know all the right Target secrets to save big, like the secret behind Target’s price code. But what other new secrets does this popular go-to have in store for us?

What are the changes coming to Target?

New Target Store Drive Up in Katy TexasCourtesy Target

When it comes to enhancing customers’ shopping experiences, Target plans to pull out all the stops. From more natural lighting in their stores to electric vehicle charging ports in their parking lots, you can expect to see a lot of exciting changes.

More space

If you thought your local Target store was big, then wait until you see what the company has got in store. In addition to opening new stores around the country, Target plans to revamp its existing locations by turning them into larger footprint stores. These larger footprint stores will be more than 20,000 square feet larger than the chain average. Target also plans to optimize space with a more open layout in their new and existing stores.

More merchandise

Larger stores mean a larger selection of merchandise for customers to choose from. You can expect to see more food and beverage options as well as even more exclusive brand partnerships along with a curated mix of Target brands and national brands you already know and trust.

New Target Store Interior in Katy TexasCourtesy Target

Brighter and more beautiful stores

In addition to an open layout, new Target stores will have larger windows to help bring more natural light into their stores. Shoppers will also see more plants and regionally sourced reclaimed wood, making stores more welcoming and inspiring.

Localized design features

What kind of plants and reclaimed wood can you expect to see at your local Target? That depends on where you live. Target plans to incorporate native landscaping and localized product offerings to give guests a more relevant experience.

Built-in sustainability

Target aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2040, and it is taking its goal seriously. It plans to upgrade new and existing stores with sustainable features such as natural (CO2) refrigerants to help lower the retailer’s emissions, EV charging ports for guests and even rooftop solar panels in many of its stores.

New and improved team spaces

Target shoppers aren’t the only ones being treated to bigger and better spaces. Target employees, who are fondly referred to as team members, will see modernized offices and team member spaces with comfy furniture, booth seating, and more upgrades that cater to their various needs.

When will we see these changes?

Luckily, you won’t have to wait long. In fact, Target has already gotten started on its remodels.

In 2023, Target aims to have more than half of its full store remodels and almost all of its new stores include elements of the new design.

Beginning in 2024, all remodels and new Target stores will feature the majority of the reimagined store design elements. Happy shopping!


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