You’ll Never Scratch Your Mosquito Bites Again Thanks To This New Gadget

This might be the future of bite treatment.

Over the past 50 years, the mosquito population in some parts of the United States has increased by ten-fold. (And one California company just added another 20 million to the mix.)

Topical treatments for the pest have seen their own bump over the same span. 


Besides trusted home remedies, a new solution to the itching and scratching may be here in the form of Bite Helper.

The cylindrical device aims to alleviate the annoyance of mosquito bites by using concentrated heat and vibration to increase blood flow to the area, and in turn, cut off the irritation at the source. A Bite Helper user takes the device and holds it over the bite for about 45 seconds, and boom, the itch is (allegedly) gone.

The Bite Helper’s website claims that the device has been “designed, tested, and quality assured” in the USA, but does not yet have certification/approval from a major health organization.

For those willing to test it out, the cost runs $25. Or you can go to the bank and get 25,000 different treatments for the same cost.

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