Believe It or Not, This Bird Was “Too Sexual” for Facebook

Facebook is known to censor certain content which it's deemed inappropriate for the site. But a recent instance of censorship has people confused.

birdCourtesy Jackie Charley

Killing two birds with one stone, Facebook has enraged avian enthusiasts and censorship opponents alike. It all started with a simple painting of a robin redbreast by an artist named Jackie Charley, posted in the for sale section of the popular social media site.

The 52-year-old artist from Scotland had designed three different cards with paintings depicting woodland creatures, with the intention of selling them on Facebook’s Marketplace. However, she was given a notice in short order informing her that the post had been taken down because it was found to be “adult” or “sexual” content. Also included in the post were paintings of an apparently seductive elk and an alluring squirrel. (These are the six things you should never do on Facebook.)

The error may seem a bit silly, but considering the volume which Facebook deals with on a daily basis, it’s hardly surprising that a slip like this could occur. (Here’s a cheat sheet to staying safe when using Facebook Marketplace.)

“Our team processes millions of images each week, and occasionally we incorrectly prohibit content, as happened here,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “We approved Jackie’s post as soon as we became aware of our mistake, and are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.” (Don’t miss these epic Facebook screw-ups that got users in trouble with the police.)

Fortunately for Jackie, all this extra attention was apparently good for business. She’s since released mugs starring the popular robin. Talk about laughing your way to the bank!

[Source: The Independent]

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