Beyond Breakfast: Inspired Greek Yogurt Recipes

These Greek yogurt recipes are worthy of Olympus.

greek yogurtWhen Greek yogurt first entered my life, I’d top a bowl with figs and walnuts, drizzle honey on top, and imagine I was in Greece eating breakfast overlooking the ocean. Now, I’m all about Greek yogurt for dinner.

Try this: I stir a dollop of a plain variety into warm food, right before serving—I’ve found that almost anything with Indian, Mexican, or spicy flavors benefits from a splash. Even better? I recently added some to a bowl of pasta with tomatoes, basil, and olive oil, and it instantly made a creamy sauce that reminded me of alfredo. That’s one of the best parts of adding Greek yogurt to savory dishes: it’s not only healthy, but fast and easy. Did you know that eating yogurt every day can have this amazing health benefit?

I keep finding inspiration in the recipes some of my favorite Greek yogurt brands are coming up with. Here’s what I’m loving:

• Bobby Flay uses Fage to make dishes like creamy pumpkin soup  and hummus.

This blue cheese avocado dip from Dannon Oikos lightens up rich ingredients with a dash of creamy yogurt. And this curried chicken salad uses Greek yogurt instead of the mayo.

These cold sesame noodles from Chobani are unexpectedly delicious, and are one of my new favorite brown bag lunch recipes. And I love this idea of topping a sweet potato with chili and Greek yogurt, from Olympus.

What about you—got any Greek yogurt faves?

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