This Is the Single Best Way to Sign Your Emails, According to Science

Because "Catch you on the flip side" just doesn't cut it anymore. was first created in 1971. Approximately 269 billion emails are sent per day, the average office worker receives 121 emails per day, and 49.7 percent of all emails are spam. Nearly 3.7 billion people in the world use email, and 3.7 billion people may have been using the wrong sign off this whole time. (By the way, you’re probably committing one of these nine annoying email habits.)

But there are so many options for a sign-off. If you use “Sincerely” people figure you’ve gotta be sincere. “Best” may seem to imply that you are either the best, or you are the best, probably. “Good Night and Good Luck” is probably one that isn’t particularly common, but it adds a degree of “I didn’t agree with the Red Scare politics of Joe McCarthy;” sadly it can only be used in the evening.

As noble as the above-mentioned signatures may be, an analysis done by the email scheduling app Boomerang found that your best bet is “thanks in advance.” 

The analysis determined which signature was best based on response rate. “Thanks in advance” received a rate of 65.7 percent, just “thanks” saw a response of 63 percent, and “thank you” saw a response of 57.9 percent. Non- “thankful sign offs only received a response rate of 46 percent.

The study took into account over 350,000 email threads, so the results are pretty hard to argue with. 

Source: Real Simple

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