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Every year, leading job-search resource Indeed publishes its list of the Top 50 places to work. They create this list by examining the employee reviews, ratings on work/life balance, compensation, and perks compiled on their Company Pages and then cross-checking that data with the companies listed on the Fortune 500 list.

The list is different from year to year, based on the changing strength of industries, and it covers a wide base of specialties. But whether it’s an airline company or a social-media giant, all the top companies share a common thread, say the researchers: They put a high value on culture. “One recurring theme this year among employee reviews seems to be the importance of an enjoyable work environment—whether that environment is fun, supportive, true to its company values, or all of the above,” Indeed says in its report.

You can see Indeed’s entire Top 50 list here. Below are the companies that nabbed the top 10 spots. And great news: They all have a ton of job opportunities waiting for you! But if you see something you like, don’t apply until you read our expert advice on writing a resume that will get you hired.


This San Jose, California–based software giant is best known for products like Photoshop and Creative Cloud. Employee reviews heralded the more than 30-year-old company’s ability to change and innovate with the times, and one reviewer pinpointed its “talented, smart, driven and kind” people and the “supportive, inclusive and engaged” culture.

Jobs: Adobe has around 300 jobs listed on Indeed for its offices located throughout the country. Glassdoor shows close to 900 jobs, many of which have expected salaries topping $100K.

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Despite the controversies surrounding the company’s data policies and political ads, Indeed’s employee reviews are extremely favorable. One employee said that working there has been “the highlight of my career.” Other employees say that while the company expects them to work hard, there are a number of company-sponsored events that provide great out-of-office bonding experiences.

Jobs: Indeed shows nearly 2,400 job listings at Facebook, and Glassdoor shows around 1,700 jobs. Many of those positions have an expected salary between $100K and $200K.

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Southwest Airlines

The low-cost airline is a favorite among customers and employees. The company ranked number 11 on Fortune‘s World’s Most Admired Companies list in 2019 as well. Employee reviews pointed out that the company provides the support and the guidance that people who work in this very stressful industry need to thrive and succeed. One reviewer wrote: “The culture is great! We always have fun at work and share a lot of laughs. You get a lot of downtime when planes aren’t on the ground, but when they are—expect to work at a very fast pace to send them back out! The job can be stressful at times, but we have a blast!”

Southwest also offers some pretty sweet deals to its passengers. Utilizing one of its programs is actually how this woman went on six vacations with her family in one year—for only $600.

Jobs: Indeed lists 29 jobs, and Glassdoor lists 39. The positions range from Service Desk Supervisor ($24 to $65 per hour) to Senior Business Consultant ($122K).

Live Nation

Working hard to support some of the greatest living musical artists on Earth is a dream come true for many. Live Nation is a company that produces more than 100 music festivals and 30,000 shows every year. Working at Live Nation, said one employee, means “you are working with and learning from the best of the best.”

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Jobs: Indeed lists close to 800 jobs at Live Nation, and Glassdoor list more than 1,200, ranging from Production Coordinators ($30K) to manager positions ($160K).


The fintech software company is best known for its accounting and tax-preparation products. Reviewers note the exciting and challenging work and note the company’s great diversity in hiring. In fact, Intuit was ranked on‘s list of the best workplaces for diversity. Another reviewer raved about the company’s “benefits, charitable work opportunities, snacks, [and] celebrations.”

Jobs: Indeed currently lists 1,600 jobs. Glassdoor has 298, many of which are high-end programming and data-scientist jobs that pay well over $100K.

Costco Wholesale

The international chain of membership warehouses offers giant-sized packages of bargain-priced goods to consumers. Reviewers on Indeed say that while working there can be stressful and physically exhausting at times, the pay and benefits are “great.” Many reviewers also noted the company culture: “Culture was great, very supportive, and some coworkers became my friends.”

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Jobs: There are 140 jobs listed on Indeed. Glassdoor shows around 180, with jobs ranging from hourly Loss Prevention Specialists ($11 to $19 per hour) to International Project Manager ($169K).


One five-star review from an employee states quite succinctly: “Great place to work. Great coworkers. Customer-oriented. Customer priority. Customer safety. Community service. Charity work. Great employee benefits.” The airline industry is well-documented to be a stressful one, and employees who rated this company highly did note that one would have to crave a high-energy (and sometimes crazed) environment in order to enjoy working here.

Jobs: Indeed list 255 jobs at Delta, ranging from cargo loading to customer support.

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Most people who buy or sell using eBay’s platform love it, and those general good vibes carry over to many people employed by the company. Says one Indeed reviewer: “eBay is a great place to work, plenty of learning opportunities, great benefits including 401k with company match with 100 percent vesting immediately, great health insurance, stocks.” On the company’s Indeed listing, eBay explains its mission: “Diversity and inclusion at eBay goes well beyond a nice-to-do—for us, it’s core to our business model and can be traced back to our founder, who was an immigrant with a vision to create economic opportunity by connecting people from widely different backgrounds and geographies.”

Jobs: Indeed lists 160 jobs, ranging from customer service staff to sales directors and data scientists. Glassdoor has the same number of job listings, which include hourly job opportunities ($15 to $20) as well as higher-level positions like Senior Director of Global Operations (the approximate salary tops $200K).


This company has made its founder, Bill Gates, one of the richest men on the planet. Gates and his wife, Melinda, have used their unique standing in the world to launch massive charity efforts, and that sense of helping the world permeates the culture of this tech giant. One Indeed reviewer writes: “Microsoft is a people organization. Great company, great benefits, unlimited growth potential. Microsoft pays very well. Very active company that empowers thinkers and doers. Pros: free soft drinks, great salary, tons of perks. Cons: none.”

Jobs: Indeed lists nearly 2,000 jobs, which run the gamut from researchers and sales specialists to developers. Glassdoor lists around the same number, the highest level offering a salary of more than $400K.

Johnson & Johnson

This massive health-care organization has more than 275 companies under its umbrella, all focused on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. Here’s how a former employee, who worked as an underwriter, described their time at Johnson & Johnson on Indeed: “A normal day can consist of balancing phone calls, emails, along with assisting fellow coworkers. I learned how to enhance my customer service by helping a diverse set of personalities. Management was very forward-thinking. The workplace culture is very accommodating with helping keep everyone on the same page.” As for the pros and cons? “The hardest part of the job was keeping up with the ever-changing demands and expectations. The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing your direct contributions at the company meeting every month.”

Jobs: There are currently 1,200 job listings on Indeed. Glassdoor lists more than 3,800, with jobs in finance and supply chain in the $90K to $100K range.

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