22 Funny Best Friend Tweets That You’ll Want to Share with Your Bestie Immediately

Get ready to blow up the group chat with these hilarious best friend tweets that you will want to send to them ASAP.

Your best friends are undoubtedly some of the most important people in your life. They support you no matter what, will always be down to eat junk food with you, and are the best gossip partners. They are probably even your favorite people to laugh with—when they’re not laughing at you, of course. And most importantly, they love you unconditionally. Who else is going to hang out on your couch all night while you model all the new clothes you got in the mail? Or proofread your texts before you send them while simultaneously holding pizza in one hand and wine in the other?

When someone knows you as intimately and truly as your BFF, there are bound to be some jokes. And what better place to find them than the hilarious world of Twitter? We have brought you the funniest tweets on the Internet, funny relatable tweets, and even funny relationship tweetsbut now we’re bringing you the most hilarious best friend tweets. You and your besties are about to laugh so hard your stomach will hurt—and you know those are the best kinds of laughs. These best friend tweets are candid, relatable, and will make you feel seen—maybe even more than you thought possible. Make sure to try out these best friend captions for Instagram as well.

—When you and your best friend start venting and talking about how much y’all love and appreciate each other pic.twitter.com/MLIt1MouUI

— Le’liece ??‍?✨ (@layylease) February 14, 2017

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Now that you and your bestie have cackled over these best friend tweets, show them how much you appreciate them with one of these perfect best friend gifts.

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