Don’t Miss! This Is the Best Date to Get Cheap Airline Tickets This Summer

Never overpay for airfare again with this easy trick.

Looking for a cheap getaway? This just might be your chance. A major drop in airfare prices is just around the corner—and you definitely won’t want to miss these great deals. (Booking a cheap flight to Hawaii just got easier than ever, too!)

The cost of U.S. domestic flights will get cheaper on August 22, while trans-Atlantic ticket prices will drop on August 21, USA TODAY reports. While Tuesdays are generally one of the cheapest days for domestic flight prices (and weekdays are cheapest for flying to Europe), the fall season is a favorite among budget-savvy travelers.


In fact, it’s not unusual for fares to fall this time of year. As kids head back to school, less people are traveling, so airlines tend to reduce their prices. How much you can save depends on your departure and destination cities, as well as whether or not your routes include connections. Regardless, you can generally expect to save an average of 11 to 20 percent when compared to summer ticket prices.

The deals are pretty unbeatable. Get this: As of July 13, you can book a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to New York in late August for $399—compared to $647 in the summer. A round-trip ticket from New York to Paris would cost just $470; the same ticket costs $680 in the summer season. And that’s just the beginning. Check out the cheapest time to travel to the world’s 12 major cities.

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