Best Apps and Online Tools to Help You Manage Your Life

Make your phone and computer work for you.’s Hive Five feature regularly polls the site’s users about the best online tools and apps out there. Here are a few recent winners.

Best gift-tracking tool
Amazon’s online gift organizer helps you keep detailed track of what you gave to whom and whose birthday is when. It also lets you browse gifts by myriad categories: price, relationship (dad), personality (gourmet), and occasion (baby shower). Its comprehensiveness is one reason it took top honors from lifehacker users.

Best recipe search tool
Don’t feel like shopping for dinner tonight? Plug in the ingredients you have on hand at and you’ll come up with a list of recipe options. You can also search by meal, cuisine, cooking method, special dietary considerations and style (including “kid pleasers” and “one-dish meals”). Be sure to check out the site’s weekly menu planner.

Best movie recommendation service
Though, the runner-up in this category, serves up more reviews and industry news, jinni, which bills itself as “your taste engine for movies and TV shows,” excelled at suggestions according to lifehacker readers. One fun way to find a recommendation is to type in the name of a movie you like and hit “more like this.” The only downside? You have to sign up for free.

Best music streaming service
When it comes to downloading tunes, Grooveshark narrowly beat out Pandora. Readers like that you can build your playlist without having to subscribe first (only once you decide to download, you’ll be asked to sign up) as well their suggestion engine, Grooveshark Radio. Added bonus: If you can’t find a favorite song or artist, you can upload selections from your personal library to add to the Grooveshark database.

Best social media manager
If you’re constantly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, an app that makes them easier to use—and gives you access to them all without having to log on to them individually—is a must. Lifehacker readers liked TweetDeck the best. It’s “air traffic control for Twitter” say its makers.

Best resource for free games
Who doesn’t like free computer games? The favorite of lifehacker users is Kongregate, where you’ll find tons of hot new games, organized by category, including Rebuild and Epic Fantasy 3.

Get more recommendations including the best digital photo organizer and best instant messenger tool at lifehacker’s Hive Five.


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