These 2 Banks Are Handing Out Settlement Money—Do You Qualify?

You won't want to miss out on this extra cash.

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“Free money” sounds a bit too good to be true, but some account holders at major banks just might be in luck. Separate lawsuits against Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase mean minor annoyances from your past could turn into cash for your future.

Bank of America

Between 2012 and 2016, some Uber riders paying with a Bank of America debit card were charged extra when the ride-share company mistakenly said overdraft fees were recurring instead of one-time payments. In some cases, Bank of America didn’t pay its account holders back for the accidental charges. If the court approves the $22 million class-action lawsuit settlement this August, you can expect about $20 back per unnecessary charge. No need to do anything—you’ll either get an automatic payment in your account or receive a check if you qualify. Lawsuit or not, these are 20 hidden fees you didn’t realize you were paying.

JPMorgan Chase

More than 200,000 people received robocalls from Chase, despite insisting they’d never given permission. If you received a call about mortgage or home equity between April 20, 2012, and March 16, 2018, and had clearly told the bank beforehand that you didn’t want to be called, act fast! The deadline to file a settlement claim is August 13, and you could receive anywhere from $5 to $101. Find out which other 20 secrets your bank teller won’t tell you.

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