Back to School 2020: Navigating the New Normal

Parents, teachers, and school districts are grappling with the risks of various learning scenarios. Here are some things to think about as you prepare.

As school districts across America scramble to respond to state directives, details can be sparse, confusing, or constantly changing. It sometimes seems like life will never get back to normal—and we miss those everyday moments we’ll never take for granted again. But one thing’s for sure: Some type of schooling, whether at home, at school, in person, on screen, or a combination of all of the above, is going to be commencing as summer comes to a close. Here are some things to think about as you prepare for a back-to-school season like we’ve never seen before.

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Education & social distancing

Whether your child learns at home or in a school setting is a decision parents and teachers are coming to grips with right now, weighing the risks and benefits against data from states and local areas.

Back-to-school shopping

Depending on if your child is being homeschooled, learning remotely, or attending school in person, this year’s school supplies list will definitely be different than before. Kids attending school may be required to wear masks and bring hand sanitizer, among other things.

Learning at home

College-age teens

No doubt about it, everything has changed for recent high-school grads. Some will be heading off to dorms, while others log on to classes from their childhood bedrooms. But even teens taking a “gap year,” can take advantage of learning opportunities.

The lighter side

At a time when there are far more questions than answers, we could all use a bit of levity—even a joke or two. Never underestimate the enduring power of humor.

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Grab-and-go meals

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