Why This Coat Has 4,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Tired of freezing, but don't have a lot of cash to spend on a new coat this winter? The Amazon coat may be the answer to your cold-weather prayers.

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Orolay Women's Thickened Down Jacket (Most Wished &Gift Ideas)via amazon.com

Everyone knows that space is a valuable commodity in the real estate business, but it turns out that the same is true when it comes to fashion. People are always looking for convenient places to store their phones, wallets, keys, and anything everything else they need when they leave the house. That’s why people buy handbags and backpacks, right? Well, this Orolay coat, nicknamed the “Amazon coat” because it can be purchased on the site where it has earned itself 4,000 5-star reviews, is eliminating the need for extra baggage—a big plus in the frigid days of winter. (Who wants to have a hand exposed to the element to keep a purse strap on their shoulder?)

“There are two zipper pockets (one on each side) where I kept items like my lip gloss, small wallet, cell phone, [and] hand warmers,” wrote Amazon reviewer Debbie M. “There are also two additional zippered pockets vertically along the chest area…[and] two hand pockets (unzippered) on the side of each hip for you to put your hands into. These pockets were deep and big enough to hold my gloves and my hands and any other little items I needed to store (my goal, as you might be able to tell, was not to have to carry any type of purse or bag).” These are the 12 items you shouldn’t carry in your purse anyway.

But it’s not just the extra storage space that has shoppers raving about this Amazon coat. According to many reviewers, it’s delightfully warm, even in subzero temperatures. Reviewer IrezumiXIII said, “I currently live in an area where the temperature reaches to the single digits/below zero and so far this jacket has kept me extremely warm and comfortable.” Likewise, Suzi Linthorst wrote, “I have had every expensive brand name winter coat, but have never ever had one that has kept me this warm!” Which brings us to another plus of the Amazon coat, it retails for under $150! So if winter weather storms are roughing you up, this is the coat for you. Read on for these 14 winter survival tips from folks who live in the coldest part of the country.

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