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This Amazon cleaning tool will save you money, help the environment, and give you serious cleaning results. Are you ready to try it?

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Disposable paper towels are so 2020. They’re expensive, bad for the environment, and let’s face it—paper towels just don’t do a very good job at cleaning up messes. If you’re ready to stop adding paper towels to your weekly grocery list, there’s an easy swap, and it’s taken over Amazon: this pack of 24 Amazon Basics microfiber cleaning cloths.

We’ve written about the many pros of cleaning with microfiber cloths before, and Amazon users share our positive view. The Amazon Basics microfiber cleaning cloths have almost 34,000 reviews and users sing their praises for everything from heavy-duty bathroom cleaning to wiping down electronics to washing the family sedan. Better yet? Microfiber cloths can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times—making them better for the environment and your cleaning budget.

Thinking of making the switch to Amazon Basics microfiber cloths? Here’s what you need to know.

How do Amazon Basics microfiber cloths work?

Microfiber cloths are durable and versatile enough to clean a variety of surfaces, making them the ideal replacement for grimy sponges, ineffective paper towels, and dish cloths that are better for drying than cleaning. So how do Amazon Basics microfiber cloths work?

Unlike cotton cloths, which are made with large fibers, microfiber cloths have thousands of tiny fibers. There are 200,000 fibers in one square inch of a microfiber cloth. All of those tiny fibers pick up and hold the dirt, dust, and liquid you want to clean. Speaking of liquid, the Amazon Basics microfiber cloths can absorb eight times their weight in water.

The soft surface won’t scratch paint or surfaces (people use these to wash their cars.) You can use microfiber cloths with or without chemical cleaners, and your results will be free of streaks and lint. Pro tip: some users attach a microfiber cloth to their Swiffer Sweeper instead of using a disposable refill pad. Genius!

Another reason microfiber cloths are a cleaning powerhouse? The fibers are positively charged. The dirt and dust that sits on surfaces is negatively charged, so the mess is attracted to the cloth like a magnet. Can your paper towel do that?

How much do Amazon Basics microfiber cloths cost?

Amazon Basics microfiber cloths are available in packs of 24, 36, 48, and 144 (if you’re serious about cleaning). The 24 pack costs $17 (as of publishing, prices may change). The packs are available in blue, white, and yellow or green, gray, and pink.

And don’t forget that each cloth can be washed and reused hundreds of times before it needs replacing. Jennifer Druckamiller, director of product experience at microfiber company Norwex, previously told Reader’s Digest she suggests reusing your microfiber cloths a few times in between laundering. Here’s how to clean a microfiber cloth, and why you should never put one in the dryer, or use fabric softener on them.

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What do Amazon users say about Amazon Basics microfiber cloths?

We’re not the only ones who love Amazon Basics microfiber cloths. Here’s what Amazon verified buyers had to say about their purchase.

Meg R.: “These are amazing for cleaning and a great price! I’m mad at myself for not purchasing sooner. In an effort to reduce the crazy amount of paper towels we go through, I decided to purchase these. I use one or two a day for kitchen cleanup and put them in the laundry. They pick up little crumbs easily and don’t leave my quartz ‘streaky.’ I have a super messy 10-month-old and I clean his highchair with these and they work wonderfully. I also use these for dusting, they pick up everything.”

BAFox: “These are a fantastic purchase! They are big plush and nice colors. I use these on my Swiffer dry and wet. They fit perfectly and work like a dream. Other reviewers had said these were too thin but they are not. These are the same quality as others I have purchased at a much much higher price. I am so pleased with these towels.”

Samantha: “I work in housekeeping. And these clothes are by far the best for getting the job done. They absorb extremely well and pick up extremely well. I bought other brands, super soft ones, and super thick ones. Yup, these are so much better! I can easily squeeze these out because they are not too thick. I can wipe in hard to maneuver around areas because they are not too thick, and clean areas that are delicate. And I can scrub with a fierceness with these clothes and not scratch ANYTHING! I am very very happy I found these! It’s a great product! Will continue to order more as needed.”

24 Amazon Basics microfiber cloths for $17

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