Aldi Is Opening at Least 70 More New Stores This Year—Here’s Where

Is your area slated for an Aldi expansion?

Aldi wins over Americans’ hearts and wallets wherever it sets up shop. Now, even more of the country is going to be able to experience some of that Aldi magic because a slew of brand-new stores are in the works.

To be more specific, there will be 70 new Aldi stores by the end of the year, along with an expansion into two new states. Fingers crossed that Aldi will be in your neighborhood soon!

Here’s a closer look at Aldi’s expansion

This is a natural progression for a grocery chain that recently opened its 2,000th store in the United States. Plus, Aldi has been doing some remodeling, too. Aldi’s expansion plans include taking the brand to its 37th state, Arizona, and Louisiana, the 38th state. It’s just a matter of time before all 50 states will have an Aldi to call their own. With this burst of growth, Aldi is set to become the country’s third-largest grocery retailer by store count by the end of 2022. That’s a big deal!

Even a global pandemic couldn’t keep Aldi down, it seems. In fact, the chain even started offering new services to make social distancing easier for shoppers, like expanded grocery delivery and pickup via Instacart. Plus, roughly 600 Aldi stores will add curbside pickup service over the summer. Learn some things you won’t see in Aldi anymore because of the pandemic.

Why do shoppers love Aldi?

For those unfamiliar, Aldi is home to budget-friendly grocery staples, plus fun things like pineapple mimosas and monthly Aldi Finds to keep shoppers coming back. Aldi is also known for its beloved store brands like SimplyNature and Fit & Active. Next, find out the secret behind why Aldi’s groceries are so cheap.

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