There’s a Bookstore in Alabama Where Every Book Is Signed by the Author

Yes, you read that right!

shelvesCourtsey Jake Reiss/The Alabama Booksmith

For book lovers, few feelings are more thrilling than getting a brand-new book—except for maybe the feeling of getting a signed copy of a new book. Yet at one Alabama bookstore, those two feelings are one and the same. Here are some signs you’re a full-fledged book lover.

The Alabama Booksmith, tucked within a maze of country roads, might be tricky to find, but the trip is worth it for literary enthusiasts. At the small shop, located in Homewood, Alabama, every single book is signed by the author.

It wasn’t always that way, though. The store opened as a rare and used bookshop, with a few signed books here and there. Eventually, owner Jacob Reiss realized that the signed books were easily the best sellers. Reiss began exclusively acquiring and selling signed books and claims that his is the only bookstore in the world that does so.

booksCourtesy Jake Reiss/The Alabama Booksmith

Though the signed books are undeniably Alabama Booksmith’s claim to fame, they’re not the only way it differs from most bookstores. Every book in the store is displayed “front out,” with their covers in full view. Without rows upon rows of spines, browsing is a far easier process. Alabama Booksmith isn’t crammed with wall-to-wall shelves, either. Shelves line the walls of the building, leaving a wide open space in the middle. Customers are able to take in the entire collection at once. Every single book is a hardcover, and many are first editions.

Despite all that, you don’t even have to pay extra for these books. Except for the ones on a single specialty shelf, all of the books are sold at the regular cover price. Some of the titles are valued at over $100, but you can get them at Alabama Booksmith for $30. What a deal!

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