You’ll Never Pay Airline Baggage Fees Again Thanks to This Awesome Travel Hack

Traveling on a budget has never been easier!

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So you just booked an amazingly cheap flight, and you’re stoked to get out of town for the weekend. Congrats! There’s one catch, though. The airline charges an extra free for carry-on luggage, and you could shell out even more big bucks if you check a bag.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to your wallet’s woes—and you’ll never have to pay those silly airline baggage fees again. Unless you try to squeeze EVERYTHING into your purse, you’re better off following Good Housekeeping’s genius strategy for packing light. It even works for all you chronic over-packers out there.

To give it a try, just grab a tote bag that meets the airline’s required dimensions for a personal item. (It can double as your purse once you reach your destination.) Once you plan your outfits for the trip, roll up each item and secure it with a rubber band. Then place everything in one or two large plastic freezer bags, which should slide neatly into your tote.

You will also need to separate your individual makeup and toiletry items and place them in the extra nooks and crannies in your bag. (By the way, there’s a genius way to pack your makeup when you travel.) And you should skip the bulky items like hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons; they take up the most space, and trust us, your hair will benefit from a few days off.

Voila! You are now a suitcase-savvy traveler; plus, you just saved some extra dough. But don’t step out the door quite yet. Make sure you’re not making these mistakes before your next flight.

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