A Clean House with Pets: 4 Tips

Worried about pets making a mess, keep you home clean with these easy tips.

Keeping your dogs and cats clean will reduce the amount of dirt they can bring into your house. These preventive maintenance tips will help:

1.Station a clean rag by the door that your pet uses so that muddy, wet paws and claws can be wiped off before your beloved animal makes unsightly tracks through the house.

2. Once a week, take your dog outside and give its fur a good going-over with the type of brush recommended for its coat. Do this well away from the house, so that the tufts won’t tumble inside.

3.The miracle way to lift pet hair from furniture and other surfaces? Wipe with a damp sponge or cloth, and the hair will gather in clumps. An alternative: Use one of those special rubber brushes with nubs on it that is intended for grooming cats (available at pet stores).

4. Nothing beats your vacuum cleaner or a powerful handheld vacuum for pulling pet hair out of your rugs and carpets.

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