5 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Take a deep breath and follow these tips.

1. Go for a walk right after lunch.
A brisk walk not only helps you shed pounds but improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

2. Listen to music you love for 15 minutes.
Without distractions. It’s one of the simplest yet best ways to relieve stress, which has a wonderful ripple effect on all aspects of your health.

3. Instead of having a snack, call a friend.
Most between-meals eating is out of boredom or habit, not hunger. Better to do something good for your soul.

4. Put a plateful of raw veggies on your dinner table.
Nibble on them between forkfuls of your regular meal — you’ll have a fuller belly (and extra nutrition) on fewer calories.

5. Get to bed 30 minutes earlier.
A full night of sleep does wonders for your weight and blood sugar.


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