5 Fun Snow Day Activities

It goes without saying that kids love snow days, but if you’re a mom, you’ve probably run out of things to do. Here are some ideas that will save you from watching Happy Feet one more time.

Keep cabin fever at bay with these easy crafts, games and experiments designed for those winter days when school is closed.

1. Check out some snowflakes. With no more than a magnifying glass and some dark fabric, you can prove to your kids that snowflakes really do all look different. Parents magazine shows you how.

2. Make an indoor snowman. Weather too bad to go out? Then let the little ones create their top-hatted Frosty at the kitchen table using soap suds, advises Family Fun magazine.

3. Cook up a wintry treat. If your kids are familiar with the Little House on the Prairie series—or even if they aren’t—they’ll love making candy from snow and maple syrup using this recipe from the Wondertime website.

4. Get out the scissors. At Nickjr.com you’ll discover that fashioning pretty paper snowflakes couldn’t be easier than with a box of coffee filters.

5. Build a fort. It’s a snowy-day classic that never seems to lose its appeal: constructing a fort from blankets.  The simplemom.net site has tips for beginners and old pros alike.

These are activities we loved as children that kids don’t like anymore.

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