5 Christmas Presents to Buy This Summer

There are some things you can buy in the summer, and save an amazing amount of money.

The Inglesina Winter Footmuff protects your baby from the cold.

Buying Christmas gifts for your friends and family can make quite a dent in your bank account. But if you have the time and the space (to store the stuff), you can buy some amazing Christmas presents in the summer, and save an amazing amount of money.

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1. Winter clothing: Winter boots are usually deeply discounted in the summer and this Inglesina Winter Footmuff (which protects your baby from the cold while in a stroller) is half off at Amazon – marked down from $50 to $24.95.

2. Tools: Hardware stores seem to have more appealing sales in the summer months. Use the opportunity to pick up those handy battery-powered screwdrivers or compact wrench sets for your handyman friends. You can even score sweet deals on higher-end power tools for the experts in your family.

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3. Home appliances: Just like cars have model years, so do dishwashers and refrigerators – new models usually debut in September and October. You don’t have to buy those for Christmas and stash them in your garage for six months. But you can purchase smaller items like the newest models of bread-makers and food processors. You’ll save a bundle, and they only occupy a little bit of space.

4. Furniture: Every January and July, furniture stores clear out space for new inventory. So the old stuff is a bargain. Again, don’t feel obligated to buy a new sectional couch and store it in the garage for half a year. But you’re almost guaranteed to find a cool-looking office desk for a third off.

5. Computers: This is a very cost-effective strategy for college kids: Buy an Apple or Microsoft laptop before school starts in the fall, and you get another present along with your purchase: either a $100 iTunes gift certificate or a free Xbox.

Source: MoneyTalksNews.com

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